Rochester Maker Faire 2019

The RLUG presence at the Rochester Maker Faire grows every year. We had 20 members participate to showcase our Great Ball Contraptions (GBC), medieval village display and custom LEGO creations.

Out GBC loop grew to 28 modules this year. A ball took approximately 4 minutes to complete an entire loop.

Friday was studennt day and the event had 2000 students. We had a lot of questions on the display. Here are some statistics:

Length: 34 feet

Number of balls in loop: 100+

Time of ball to complete loop: 4.14 minutes

We look forward to displaying our creations next year!


May 2019 Monthly RLUG Meeting

The May RLUG meeting had one of the higest attendance so far! There were numerous amazing builds for the monthly theme superhero build. The builds featured some of the most uniquely creative MOC’s. From Batman’s cave to Iron Man’s Hall of Armour. Our monthly build challenge for the month was …

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