Geneseo Air Show at The National Warplane Museum – July 12-14

The Rochester LEGO User Group (RLUG) displayed at the Geneseo airshow at The National warplane Museum July 12-14.

This was RLUG’s 5th year displaying at the show. This year we had one of the largest displays ever for the show. We showcased our medieval village set, a large assortment of planes and great ball contraption display. This was a huge hit for kids and adults alike.

Our medieval display this was year had new components. It included castles, courtyards, farms, many towers, a joust and even a pumpkin patch invaded by baby raptors.

Out great ball contraption contained over 20 member built machines. Visitors were amazed it was fully build by using only LEGO parts. It was fascinating to pick one ball and watch it throughout the entire loop.

Our plane display was nothing short of amazing. The collection that was displayed showed what our members are able to create. Some were official sets and many were more custom builds ranging from micro F-16 fighter to a full minifigure scale B-17 bomber. The figures were able to ride in the aircraft. It was incredible. This year one of our members created an A-10 Warthog. It was a special build as members of the Air Force A-10 demonstration team performed an incredible areal display outside. The crew then was able to visit the museum on Friday and was highly impresses with the display especially the plan which they fly.

Early Friday morning we set up and volunteer day so that all the airshow volunteers and pilots could get an early peek at our displays.We were also pleasantly surprised by the school aged kids from various summer programs that were able to come out.

Saturday and Sunday the show opened up to the public and we found many fans of LEGO young and old alike. For the second year in a row we designed a custom LEGO kit just for this event. This year was a micro built P-51 Mustang fighter that was a huge hit.

We look forward to next year and you will have to come see us then to find out what next years set could be.


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