RMSC Makers Masquerade

Rochester Museum & Science Center invited us to join them for an after hours event focused around the theme Makers Masquerade. We figured a nice hands on activity with Lego pretty much would hit the mark with the Makers portion of the theme. Some of our members kicked it up a notch by creating on site some masks as well. However, for the majority of our event we just wanted guests interacting with an improvised Minecraft theme build.

We set up on the second floor of the museum not far from one of the evening waterholes, which was great for foot traffic. Below you can see our nicely organized building area just waiting for guests to dig in and start building.

Through out the evening guests enjoyed sitting down for a bit, taking a break from the other activities and enjoying our little quiet spot in the museum.

Early in the evening a theme quickly took hold and that was for a GIANT tower to emerge from the dull gray land below. Guests and our RLUG members created numerous modules, which stacked upon each other.

Fortunately even with such a massive tower we had plenty of bricks on hand to support the creation of other towers, masks and random builds.

At times it can be hard for us to accommodate such short events (a few hours) we felt this event was a great success.

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