Greece Library Minecraft

We love working with the kids from the Greece Public Library Lego club. Besides our regular hosting of their monthly Lego build club we also coordinate group builds. This time around we decided to to feature Lego Minecraft as our theme. We attribute a lot of our success with our kid theme group builds to the philosophy of keep it simple. When we brainstorm for new events we double check ourselves against our simple desire by asking ourselves how many rules or guidelines do we have? ┬áIn this case the rule was “build in squares” and “don’t have pieces hanging over the edge”. Surprisingly enough, not really, the kids followed the rules!

We arrived and set up our tables, buckets of play brick and distributed large plates and brick separators.

Quickly we did a double check of the area, told all the kids anxiously waiting the basic rules and let them free upon the brick.

Plenty of RLUG members were on hand through the build session to answer questions, offer advice, at times repair and in general provide a gentle guiding hand. When our KFOL (kid fan of Lego) were done building a module we would start filling a staging area.

And sure enough not much time went by before that entire area was filled with awesome Lego Minecraft modules!

We ran out of bricks unfortunately…

Fortunately though it was moments before our events end time. With some quick help from our KFOL participants we rounded up any stray bricks and packed up our supplies.

After the KFOL’s continued on with their evening RLUG members carefully moved from our staging area modules into the final display case.

The display was created by 35+ KFOL’s in just under two hours and remained on display for the month of August. It was great visiting the library and watching patrons check out the kids builds and also seeing and hearing about KFOL’s who were able to show their friends and family their individual contributions to the event.

Until next time!

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