Garden Factory – October 2017

The weekend of October 21st and 22nd, we put on a large display at the Fall Family Fun event at the Garden Factory in Gates NY.

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The Fall Family Fun event involves several dozen attractions, including carnival rides, a petting zoo, animal rides, food, pumpkins, face painting and everything else you would expect at a carnival/fair. And Batman:

Garden Factory 2017 Batman

The event is held inside a huge greenhouse, and attracts thousands of families each year. This was our second year participating in this event, and we were given a large area to organize our display.
We had a total of 14 tables set up to display two of our ongoing LUG collaborations, as well as dozens of other MOCs. The event was busy, with little downtime throughout the two days. We spent most of the time talking to families and showing them our display, as well as chasing the occasional ball that would escape from the GBC loop.

Here are some of the MOCs we were showing throughout the weekend:

Garden Factory 2017 Village 1
Our Medieval Village has grown over the year. This is one of the LUG collaborations we have been working on over the past 18 months or so. Here are some additional pictures:

Garden Factory 2017 Village 2

Garden Factory 2017 Village Church

Garden Factory 2017 Village Street

Dan brought his Carnival, which includes a mix of kits, and custom rides
Garden Factory 2017 Fall Fair

Garden Factory 2017 Fall Fair 2

My Haunted Manor was ready for the holiday:
Garden Factory 2017 Haunted House 3

Garden Factory 2017 Haunted House 1

Here is the Mine Craft Husk that Keith and I put together one afternoon a couple of weekends before the event:
Garden Factory 2017 Mine Craft

Chris H. shows the practical side to our hobby:
Garden Factory 2017 Classic and Practical

A Naval Battle waged between many of Mike’s ships:
Garden Factory 2017 Pirates 1

Garden Factory 2017 Pirates 2

Along with a few other MOCs:
Garden Factory 2017 Winter Cottage

Garden Factory 2017 Winter Village 2

Garden Factory 2017 TWD

And when there was a little down time here and there, I put together a little something out of a box of “to be sorted” elements I brought with me:
Garden Factory 2017 Limited Resources

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