RLUG at RMSC Snowed In! An Almost Overnight

Rochester LEGO User Group (RLUG) was proud to be part of the last RMSC Snowed In! event. With over 120 participants, the event was packed! Our event workshop allowed participants (both kids and parents) to build one of four mini-models with varied levels of difficulty. The participants were then allowed to build a base for their creation and place it within the larger diorama.

This year we had 2 collections to build from, a Star Wars Hoth battle and a Star Wars trench battle.

RLUG members organized the workshop by creating instructions and providing LEGO bricks. Many RLUG Members were available for the event to assist builders in their creations.

The final results were AMAZING and displayed throughout the weekend so participants could view their build.

The RLUG group also had a free build challenge at the end where the winner of each workshop build even won a prize.

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